Threats for money, Gentleman frightened

Dhaka: Saidur Rahman, a senior employee of a export quality non government organization, received a phone call came from an unknown number.

Caller threatened him to give a huge amount of money, otherwise he and his family will be killed in the open place.

The unknown caller calls from different numbers and continuing his threats.

From our dependable source, we got the information that, unknown caller is a very dangerous person. He can kill any kind of person, if his demands won’t fillup and he has a very dangerous gang.

The leader of the gang Saida begum maintains her gang with her own childrens and other relatives. They do stealing, robbering, grabbing, killing for money and other valuable things. And the did this kind of miscreants many times before.

After hearing about the gang, Mr. Saidur and his family feels more afraid.

Oneday Mr. Said registered a general diary G.D. to the nearest Savar Model Police Station subjecting about life risk of him and his family.

After knowing that, the gang raised more violent than before.

We tried to contact many times with the gang leader’s son Imran. But, he didn’t pick up the phone.

Sub Inspector Kamrul Hasan, I.O of Mr. Said’s Complaint told that, they have collected many information about the gang. After collecting some important information, police will arrest the hole gang within a very short time.

Officer Incharge of Savar Model Police Station says, He knows about the case very well. After investigating fully, they will take steps against the ‘SAIDA GANG’.

Importantly mentioning that, Mr. Saidur Rahman and his family is traveling like soilless person for many days, to leave freely from the gang…..

Newsbd71/AR/13, july 2017


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