Salman Khan and Harish Dulani


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In the climax of Salman Khan’s recent blockbuster Sultan there is a scene when the actor comes back to life after being beaten black and blue by his opponent. Needless to say, Khan hits the opponent his trademark shot and wins. Alas, reel and real life are different and Salman must have realised this when the prime witness in the black buck case resurfaced two days after Rajasthan High Court acquitted the bollywood actor.

Rajasthan High Court acquitted Salman Khan in an 18-year-old case of killing protected antelopes or chinkara, the prime witness Harish Dulani revealed that the actor killed the chinkara.

Dulani, who allegedly drove Salman Khan to the place where the chinkara was killed, claimed that he saw the actor shooting the black buck.

Harish Dulani is one of the prime witness in the chinkara killing case. Harish, who had been missing since 2002, came out of hiding after Salman Khan’s acquittal and said that he would still stick to the statement he made before a magistrate 18 years ago. According to Harish, Salman Khan was not only driving the gypsy but also shooting the deer at the same time.

Newsbd71/mm/28 July, 2016


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