Sunny Leone ; slaps journo for asking how much she charges for night


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Sunny Leone reportedly slapped a journalist in Surat, Gujarat, who asked her how much she charged for ‘night programmes’ now that she’s a movie star. The actress was in Surat to perform at a Holi event on March 24 when things got ugly, reported India Today.

The event, called ‘Play Holi With Sunny Leone’, took a nasty turn when Sunny Leone slapped the journalist of a national news channel who asked her how much she charged for night programmes. Sunny Leone flew into a rage and slapped the person, who was interviewing her in the hotel corridor, a report in Mid-Day stated.

After the incident, the Ek Paheli Leela star told the organisers of the event that she would perform there only if there were no journalists around. The professional that Leone is, she took the incident in her stride and gave a 15-minute performance on the stage.

On Thursday morning, Leone and her husband Daniel Weber arrived at the five-star hotel in Surat. A drunk intruder followed them to their room and began demanding weird favours from Sunny Leone.

Once the man was ousted from the room, the journalist began speaking to Sunny Leone in the corridor. It was during the course of the interview that the awkward question was thrown at Leone, which led to the actor slapping the person.

Sunny Leone’s husband told the tabloid,‘Sunny has given an apt reply to the reporter so we are not filing any police complaint.

The organisers were also college kids so we do not want their careers to be damaged. But henceforth, Sunny will think a thousand times before coming to Gujarat.’

Newsbd71/mm/ 28 March, 2016


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