Priyanka proves her difference: Taslima Nasrin


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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra says that she is a big fan of the literary works of controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen.

Piggy Chops made the disclosure on Friday after the exiled writer praised the actress for her recent bold comments on men.

In a recent interview Priyanka Chopra spilled the beans like never before. She made bold comments like “I don’t need a guy for anything except for children” and “If my man cheated, I would probably beat the shit out of him first.”

Praising Priyanka for her comments, Taslima Nasreen on Thursday tweeted: “Film stars are often conservative, conventional & superstitious. Priyanka Chopra`s recent statements prove she is different. I appreciate her.”

In a retweet, Priyanka, on Friday wrote: “Thank you @taslimanasreen big fan of your literary work… Much warmth.”

Taslima, a physician by degree, was ousted from Bangladesh for her controversial writings with “feminist” and anti-Islamic views and living in exile since 1994.

Newsbd71/AR/January 30, 2016


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